Monday, April 20, 2015

Grandpa Again


You were warned last week this was coming.  My daughter-in-law was scheduled for a C-section on April 16th - if she made it that far. She didn't.  They arrived on April 14th, a little after 8pm.

Please welcome....

Jaxson Robert Nailor - 6 lbs, 10 oz (he's the one in blue with frog feet!)
Mikayla Page Nailor - 5 lbs, 6 oz (she's in pink with kitty feet!)

We were expecting preemies but Jaxson actually weighed more than his older sister when she was born and she wasn't considered a preemie.  A lot of the preenie clothes my daughter-in-law received will probably be barely used, if at all.

Anyway, they round out my collection of grandchildren as numbers 9 and 10, respectively, he is the older.

My grandchildren are:

David Michael - age 23
Steven Cody - age 21
Shylo Elizabeth - age 20
Kaitlyn Marie - age 19
Hailey Lynn - age 13
Corra Bree - age 10
Zora Rose - age 5
Keeley Isabella - age 5
and of course, the twins, Jaxson and Mikayla, newborns.

Since I had four (4) sons, all the grandchildren currently carry my last name,

My #2 grandson has decided to make me a great grandpa - as if being grandpa isn't great enough!! That event will be in late July and at the present time, supposedly a girl.  I know they're getting real good with all these picture-taking techniques, but I reserve judgment until birth on the final sex LOL

A quick note here: I'd like to say that my youngest grandson's middle name is a tribute to me, but unfortunately, it is not.  It is my son's first name and he decided to change things up.  What do I mean?  Simple.  My father's name was Robert, I'm Robert and I named my #4 son, Robert.  We each have different middle names so there is no "Sr," "Jr," or numbering - like III or IV. My youngest son really has an aversion to the issues of us all having what appears to be the same name and it has caused problems in far too many situations. But I digress...

Let's make this a short post this week - I got to hold my new grandchildren.  I leave you with a final picture my son took.  He takes some really nice pictures.

Until next I ramble on...


  1. Congratulations Bob! They are so beautiful and that final picture gave me chills and made my heart melt.

    1. They seem so content when side by side. Awesome picture, indeed.

  2. Congratulations, Bob. I'm sure you are a Great Grampa, already.

    1. I'd like to think I'm a GREAT grandpa... if only in my mind. LOL.

  3. AWWWWW! Get plenty of cuddle time with them while they still enjoy it! They grow up too fast, don't they?

    1. LOL. My DIL's sister and mother live 500 miles away. They've scheduled their vacations for next month - the original due date. I'm teasing them by telling them there is only 792 cuddling hours and most of that has been used up already. Her mom, I told, we'll reserve at least 3 hrs, the sister (the one I pick on constantly) I said would have scrounge around for a spare 10-15 mins where she can find them. I am so mean. It is so awesome to hold a baby in each arm.

  4. Awe!!! Cutie patooties!!! Congratulations Bob!!!