Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Shooting Star

For a brief moment in my life, I will be a star.  Uh, maybe I should just call myself a dinky meteorite, instead. My flame won't last that long.  You've seen those meteorites -- BLIP, gone. I'm hoping for better, but...

I'm going to be on BlogTalkRadio.  Actually, I'm being a guest on Author's Corner at Triangle Variety.  (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/trianglevariety)  The time will be 9:40pm, Thursday, 4/18 cancelled due to server errors at BlogTalk! Now scheduled for 5/30, for my shot at stardom.  It will be over very quickly but still, I'll have that moment of warm fuzziness.

Now, for some great news.  The host asked if I could offer something to give away.  I searched my closets and I found a few things.  I have five paperback books I will offer up as drawing prizes.  Yes, you can win one very easily.  Just go to my website -- www.bobnailor.com -- and click to enter the drawing and fill out the simple form and submit it.  Who knows?  You could be one of the five lucky winners.

If that doesn't get your mojo moving -- I talked with my publishers and got a few deals for you.  You can get 28% off all purchases at Damnation Books for the books I have listed.  There are three and all of them are winners.  And, I set up a coupon system at Smashwords so you can get a couple of my books at a very low price.  Should I mention that I also have a few books there that are free?  Well, I am giving them away since they are short stories and I really don't feel a short story should cost my readers any money.  They deserve better for their hard-earned cash.  And by better, I mean a full novel.  My short stories are good, edited, and  enjoyable.  Just like their big brother counterpart.

I'm looking forward to Thursday night.  I get nervous but I am also one of the world's biggest hams and when I get started, it is hard to turn me off.  Anyone willing to take bets on how many times she will tell me good night before she pulls the plug?

Until next time I decide to ramble on...