Monday, June 4, 2012

Falling Asleep

We've all had those moments -- we doze off, fall asleep ... okay, let's call it what it really is.

When we drop the ball.

Today I dropped it.  I was suppose to have a blog about something, anything.  I didn't blog. 

No, instead, last night at the closing hour of 11pm I was picked up by my wife's brother and his wife and whisked away to Toledo, OH for some late night gambling at the newly opened casino.


I'll make it short and sweet.  I lost my buns.  I got home at 4:15am, crawled into bed and by the time you could count 1, 2.... I was dead out.

Needless to say, when I awoke, my day was screwed up and has been that way ever since.  I figure I'll make it an early bed call tonight.  I almost forgot to go visit my mom today.  I remembered my writing meeting about 15 mins before it started and I still had to drive into town for it.  Whew! Got there just in time.

With a little luck, I will remember this ... well, what would you call it?  Moment?  Memory?  Event?

I don't know but I will attempt to store it away for a future writing tidbit.  I am sure that at some point in time I will be writing about somebody who wasted a day.  This will be excellent fodder for that story.

While not running out of the house to do things, I have spent the remainder of my time working on a project for my publisher.  Seems they have an immense form they want filled out on the book of mine they will be releasing.  There is SO much stuff they want; I'm overwhelmed.  But the bottom line still remains; they want it, they get it.  Therefore I will finish it off and get it out to them in a timely fashion.

I guess that old adage -- write what you know -- does apply.  So use your experience, even the bad along with the good to your advantage and get the emotions and feelings logged down for future reference.  Just writing it out will help to store it into your brain memory.

Until next I ramble on...