Monday, December 9, 2013

This Could Hurt the Brain

I was killing time, surfing Facebook, reading what all my friends were posting... when I stumbled onto this one post which caught my eye.  Well, actually, it was 'his' eyes that caught my attention.  I read the blurb to the left and as I sat there thinking about the concept, my brain started to hurt.

Just trying to wrap my mind around the whole idea starts to open so many ideas that, well, it hurts me and I have to go lay down.

Men In Black SPOILER ALERT.  Sorry, but I'm going to reference one of my favorite mind-blowing movies. Men In Black. Yes, the original.  The movie revolves around the MiB finding "the galaxy" on Orion's belt.  Finally it is discovered that the galaxy is inside a small bauble dangling from a cat's collar. Yes, the cat's name is Orion.  We, the audience are informed that not everything has to be huge to be important as Kay explains it to Jay.  A peek inside the bauble reveals a whole universe with galaxies.  At the end of the movie, the camera pans back out of NYC, back from the Earth, the moon, the solar system, our galaxy and finally our universe and discover it is also inside a marble and an alien is playing with it to shoot another marble with a universe inside it.


Now, about that card above.  Think about it.  Is it possible?  How many times have you found yourself doing something and wondering why you're doing it?  Why not the idea of an author backspacing being the reason for a person to forget what they were saying? Maybe our lives are already choreographed.

Imagine the possibilities of writing a story where you create a world that ... wait a minute, that is what we, the authors, do every day as we write.  We create the story.

But what if we are nothing more than characters to a bigger author who is writing about what I'm writing? In other words, you're the character the author is writing about and you happen to be an author. So is your story really yours? Or his/hers?

And, if you take the example one step larger -- what if the author writing about me writing this is actually just another character by a larger author.

I once read a short story about miniaturizing a man and it going bad.  They had a radio attached so the miniaturized man could communicate back to his partners.  I think he was placed on a brick.  Due to something going wrong, he continued to miniaturize.  The man saw holes develop in the brick and suddenly he was falling into one those holes. He continued to become smaller and smaller. As he did, he moved toward new universes, seeing distant solar systems which he attempted to move toward. Of course, he kept getting smaller and smaller as he fell toward the solar system and a planet where he continued to miniaturize and continue to fall through strange items there.

At one time, an atom was considered the smallest possible item. Then it was discovered that an atom had 3 parts: electrons, protons, and neutrons.  Of course, we've since discovered the neutrino to be smaller and I'm going to go out on a branch and say, there is something smaller than that.

There are opposites to everything.  Does it scare you to think of something larger than you? And I don't mean an elephant.  I mean something so large that to see you they would need a very powerful microscope.

Okay, my head hurts again. I didn't realize backspacing could be so painful.

Until next I ramble on...


  1. DIdn't someone famous once say "All the worlds's a stage and all the men and women players.." or something like that. Maybe you should ask him about it.

  2. We are all God's creation, the author of life! Love how your mind works Bob!

  3. I love this idea and the photo is great and spooky - just looking at it scares the bejeevies out of me!

  4. Now - I love discussions like this. I actually believe we ARE part of a book that's being written, in a sense... but the author knows full-well how it's going to end... we're just imperfect humans, sometimes fumbling about! LOL But it is a great concept for a novel Bob - if you don't do it, maybe I will some day! LOL

  5. What a wonderful brain twister! Love It!