Monday, February 8, 2016

Cover Verdict - And Other Stuff

I'm sure it has been bothering you in the worst possible way ... sitting on pins and needles, even ignoring any primaries, waiting to hear the verdict on my latest book cover.  The votes are in and have been tallied.

It was close.  It seemed either you liked the ghostly skull specter (option 1) and hated the teeth (option 2/3) OR you liked the skull (option 2/3) and wanted a cleaner font (option 1) for clarity.

The final version - I think, sort of, could be, maybe. LOL.

No, we have two NEW covers.  This time it will be much easier.  Vote for Option 1 or Option 2.

The above is OPTION 1
The above is OPTION 2

Yes, I realize these weren't in the running.  In fact, they weren't even created.  Reading all the comments, some online here, others from different social media threads, the general consensus was a font issue.  Okay, some had big issues with the teeth but I really feel it was addressed with the new layout and font. Also, there was concern about being able to read the title when a thumbnail.

In stepped another book cover artist.  Wow!  After some open dialog, I was able to get both artists working together. There was a final and then there wasn't.  They worked on other possibilities.  I anxiously awaited their creative efforts to see which one actually wins.  I checked to see if the two offerings would thumbnail and be readable. They passed muster. So the above is my dilemma...


Now, the big question.  When I release the book, will the winning cover be enticing enough to make a reader want to check it out?  To read the back (yet to be done) and maybe even open the book to read a page or two?  Finally, will the buyer BUY THE BOOK?  Only time will tell.

Somebody asked what the book was about.  It is about Death and its myriad "doors" to the final end. It isn't really a horror book.  But, then again, you don't want posies and butterflies on the cover.  Let's just say it is about the different avenues Death can open.

Now, for something totally different.

My health?  I've been relegated to just Januvia.  The doctor took me off Metformin which I was getting via the Janumet.  I go to an endocrinologist on the 12th and we'll discuss other options since the Januvia isn't keeping my sugar under control.  I can keep it down as long as I don't eat a lot but, really, a person does have to eat something more than just salads all day.  I mean, I enjoy celery and air-popped popcorn is okay, but every once in a while you want more.  I even drink an immense amount of water - no pop except on the rarest of occasions... and then it is diet, which I know isn't good for me, either.  With a little luck, maybe I can get back on Janumet.  I was reviewing everything.  I was on 50/500 Janumet - have been taking it for years, twice a day.  The doctor decided to put me on Januvia, 100mg, once a day.  Sugar went out of balance.  My heart specialist put me on Janument, 100/1000, once a day.  My kidney numbers skyrocketed and I'm off Janument, back on plain Januvia 100.

Uh, did you notice?  I was on 50/500 for years - no kidney issues.  I'm placed on 100/1000 and all Hell breaks loose.  

I'm going to see if I can go back to the 50/500 twice a day.  It might be gentler to my kidneys.  One can only hope.

Also, since Mr. Groundhog didn't see his shadow, that means Spring is just around the corner.  I'd like to believe that - even the weather since has been warm-ish.  You know that means - Gardening!!

I've got my seeds all purchased except for the corn, beans, and beets.  Still deciding if I want to grow corn.  In a few short weeks I will be starting many of my tomato seeds, along with some of the more slow-growing flowers, like Impatiens, Geraniums and Petunias. Sort of getting excited.

Anyone else got Garden Fever?

Until next I ramble on...


  1. These are much better. You're right, the font was a major issue last time around.
    I like the top one better. The bottom one seems a little too between-the-eyes.
    I hope your next post has some good news on the health front. Yes, man does need more than salad.

    1. LOL. Next post should have the final verdict ... oh, wait, you meant health. I'm sure the endocrinologist will have something to say that I hope will be positive.

  2. This was super hard, but I'm going to say Option 1. I like option 2 the best, but I think option 1 is more mainstream and in line with current trends. Good luck, Bob!

    1. Book covers are tough. I like #2 but think #1 is the way to go. We'll see how voting turns out.

  3. I like cover #2. I can't really see the doors in #1 without concentrating. I've been on Metformin and now am on Victoza as well. Hope those keep my sugar and weight under control. Sigh.

    1. Metformin is my enemy - at least that's what the doctor is saying. Not familiar with Victoza, will check that out. Thanks.

  4. I like option 1 but prefer option 2 fonts. An interesting thought about skyrocketing kidney function tests. One year ago husbands, labs showed kidney disease. Then my labs showed early kidney disease. Fast forward. Husband saw a new doctor who uses completely different lab service. According to their guidelines, husband's numbers were fine. (same lab specimen). I know in the past, the "normal" range for diabetes was recalculated. Wonder if they are doing this with kidney function.

    My I am chatty today. In Florida, we can break off a piece of a Geranium and put it in the ground to root. Can you do that in the frozen north?

    1. Not sure what they are doing regarding lab results. Will know more on Friday. As to geranium rooting ... uh, in the spring it can work but not right now unless I do it inside. LOL. I have 3 geraniums struggling through the winter on my windowsill... 2 in pots, 1 in water. Supposedly, if I dig up the geraniums, let them dry a bit, knock of the dirt and put them in brown paper bags stored in a dry, cool basement for the winter, then in the spring, place the dried plant roots in water - they're suppose to revive. I've yet to get that to work. Also, storing them in the basement rafters, upside down is supposed to work - but I haven't tried that method. The sure fire method is to buy new plants in the spring at the nursery = expensive. I'm going to try my hand at seeds this year... I can always go buy some if it fails. Frozen north - you is sooo mean. LOL.

  5. I like cover #2 - it's easy to read, and catches my eye.

    1. Thanks for the input but I fear #1 is winning the polls.