Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just Released!

Yes, no longer COMING SOON... IT IS HERE!!!

My latest book "52 Weeks of Writing Tips" is now available at

EDIT UPDATE:  The book reached #2 on Amazon's sales for Editing.  Whoo-hoo!

US: Just click here to purchase your copy!

UK: Just click here to purchase your copy!

It is also available in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

So what is between the covers of this book?  Let's take a gander, shall we? 

52 Weeks of Writing Tips Table of Contents

Week 1: Thinking Inside The Box
Week 2: That As●Ing●Ly ~ Editing Tricks
Week 3: Character Descriptions
Week 4: Building A Believable Character
Week 5: Secondary Characters aka Walk-On Characters
Week 6: Sabotaging Character Believability
Week 7: Alien Sex or What To Do When Your Partner Isn’t Human
Week 8: Afterglow: The Real Power Behind A Literary Sexual Encounter
Week 9: Writing and Politics: Parallel Words of Perception
Week 10: Sparky: A New Angle On An Old Story
Week 11: Building A Successful Press Kit
Week 12: A Timely Thought
Week 13: Poetry Fun
Week 14: Youthful Poetry
Week 15: The Top 10 Things You Must Know About Radio Interviews
Week 16: Oh Horrors! Children’s Writing
Week 17: Use Climax In Writing
Week 18: Ten Points On Plotting
Week 19: A Couple Of Horror Secrets
Week 20: Author Websites
Week 21: Freelance: How To Sell Almost Everything You Write
Week 22: Dialogue And Detail
Week 23: Instant Einstein
Week 24: Whose Who’s Whose
Week 25: Point Of View aka POV
Week 26: Dumb Writer Edits
Week 27: By Zombies
Week 28: He Said, She Said
Week 29: POV Revisited – Part 1
Week 30: POV Revisited – Part 2
Week 31: A Good Writer
Week 32: What’s In A Job Title
Week 33: The Editing Process
Week 34: The Writer’s Stream
Week 35: August! The Christmas Rush Is Over
Week 36: How To Write Better and Faster
Week 37: How Much To Pay For Edits
Week 38: Mr. Thesaurus, If You Please
Week 39: Where’s The Caboose?
Week 40: Story Continuity
Week 41: What To Write
Week 42: What’s In A Name
Week 43: Time Warping
Week 44: Fragments
Week 45: Writer’s Conference – A Marketing Tool
Week 46: An Idea Generating Exercise
Week 47: Flashbacks
Week 48: Evil Villains
Week 49: The World According To…
Week 50: Writing A Series
Week 51: Character Details
Week 52: Reading and Writing La-La Land
Bonus Week: War and Sex
About The Author
Other Books By The Author
Sample Read — Pangaea: Eden Lost

There is something for everyone (novice and expert) in this handy book.  Right now it is an ebook but a paperback will be forthcoming. But, for $.99 - how can you go wrong? That's even cheaper than the $1 Menu at several fast food restaurants and trust me, you'll eat these tips up and wonder at the remarkable improvement in your writing.

If you didn't notice, there is actually a bonus or two included - another week's tip and a sample read.

Why are you still reading this?  You should be on another page, clicking "Check Out" and getting the book sent to your Kindle or reading device.

For those of you purchasing a copy - I thank you.

Until next I ramble on...

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