Monday, May 5, 2014

Being #2

From youth until a certain point in time, we are conditioned, trained, brain-washed into believing that if you're not number one, then you aren't a winner. How many Little League, Pony League or whatever have been coached in fervor to beat the competition and be #1?  I was a Boy Scout and later, an adult Scout leader. As a youth in the Scouting movement, I attended Jamborees, summer camps and other camping extravaganzas where there was competition between the troops and boys. As such, in these contests of skill and/or strength, it was almost compulsory to win, to be in first place, to take home the honors and ribbons.


There can only be ONE person or team in the first place position. Even in the Olympics, there are three stands for the winners - first, second and third. The person standing the highest is the first place winner. The second and third place winners stand below in the shadows.

In the shadows!  What a terrible description but for many, if they aren't in first place, then as far as they are concerned, they feel they should hang their heads and be demeaned and grovel in shame.

Unfortunately, I don't buy into that mentality.

Last week I released a new book to a lot of fanfare and hoopla.  My book, "52 Weeks of Writing Tips" received many 5-star reviews and climbed the Amazon sales rankings.  Suddenly, my book surfaced into the top fifty and I was ecstatic when that happened.  I watched and it continued to climb quickly into the Top Ten. My chest swelled with pride.  I was sitting at #8 - then #7.  I couldn't believe it!  I was in the Top 10!!

Surprise!  I jumped to #5 position.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I prepared an email to brag about my current status to all my friends. I clicked "Send" and immediately received an email from another friend which read:

You're in the #2 spot!!

I almost died.  I couldn't believe the email and quickly checked my status.  My friend was right, I was #2.


Greed raised its ugly head.  I was in the number two spot - nationwide - for a book about writing and editing.  I tasted blood.  I wanted the NUMBER ONE spot.

Unfortunately, it eluded me.  I never made it to number one, I was a number two.

So, am I hanging my head in shame?  Am I hoping the shadows can hide my lack whatever?


I'm #2!!!  I'm #2!!

It's a beautiful mantra and I proudly scream it to any who will listen to me.  Maybe some day the book will quietly slip into the number one position and I'll be happy and proud. But, for the time being, I'm very ecstatic at being #2 for a few moments in history. Even now, a couple of days later, I am still in the Top 10 which is a fact that I'm very proud to announce.

Yes, I'm #2, I'm #2.

Until next I ramble on...

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