Monday, April 21, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Have you kept yours?  Better question - Have I kept mine?

No.  Well, sort of no, sort of yes.

I wanted to get four books published this year and even established a timeline to give me a goal to reach and know that I could do it.

Let's just say the goal "sort of" got changed.  My original goals were:

Jan 31, 2014 - release Pangaea, Eden Lost
April 30, 2014 - release Jewyl - working title
August 30, 2014 - release of Fire Life, book 1 - working title
November 30, 2014 - release Circles - working title

So, I was a little off on the dates... just a tad.

April 4, 2014 - release of "Pangaea, Eden Lost."  A little behind but I got it out.  So, in my estimation, I had accomplished 25% of my resolution.

Now is when things get a little stickier.  I re-juggled the books a little bit.  On May 1, 2014, I will be releasing "52 Weeks of Writing Tips" which was not in the original lineup.

Please note that although my first book was late by a little over two months, my second book is only off by ONE day.  For all practical purposes, I am back on schedule.

In truth, I've been working on "Jewyl" when I decided to do the writing tip book.  So, if I were to push myself, I could maybe release the "Jewyl" book by the end of May or June.

With a little re-scheduling, I might be able to squeeze out five books.  BUT, I don't want to push myself to such an extent that I get burned out.  IF Ms Muse is on my side and The Fates decide that I'm entitled to such a blessing, then so be it, five books.  STILL, I can reach my goal of four books without too much difficulty, I think, by the end of the year and fulfill my resolutions.

As May 1 approaches, I hope to find some blog sites that would be interested in hosting me for interviews about my writing tip book or about me as an author.  If you have a blog and need to supplement your weekly issue, contact me: bob AT

What is my new book about?  It has 52 writing tips (actually 53, I give a bonus week) about different aspects of the writing craft including ideas, characters, editing, marketing, aliens, sex, dialog and many other things.  It is broken down into "weeks" so the reader can absorb a segment and if so desired, take a week to expound on the "lesson" to increase the writing skill and the craft.

The book will be available very soon. Mark your calendars and remember: May Day (May 1) will be a great day - the release date of "52 Weeks of Writing Tips" by Bob Nailor.

So, back to the very first question - Have YOU kept your New Years' Resolutions?

Until next I ramble on...


  1. Since I didn't make any, I am doing well with them!

  2. Prior years, that's how I handled it. I always felt so guilty spouting some eloquent resolution or promise and then in less than 24 hrs, breaking it with absolutely no remorse. Okay, maybe a little. This year, tho, I'm quite proud of actually addressing the promise and trying to keep it. Of course, it IS to my advantage. LOL.

  3. You know Bob, I'll be lucky if I get the projects I have in line out the door, so you're doing pretty good!!! I have a book I started almost 10 years ago - perhaps you've heard of it? Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood? It's coming out this year, and then I do the same thing you do… I add things to the list. I have two mobile apps I want to develop to coincide with both the Ms. Cheevious book as well as my health blog and another upcoming book. OY. It's never ending, but at least we love it right?

  4. I never make resolutions so I won't be disappointed. Congrats on the book projects!

  5. I find New Year's Resolutions to be something nice to do, but it's like every other promise we make to ourselves and for some reason, if we break THAT one, it's a big deal. I love how it does make us think about goals and where we wish to be. Regardless if you didn't get everything on your New Year's List perfectly accomplished, you need to look at what you DID accomplish. And it's a lot, Bob. You should be proud.