Monday, April 14, 2014

HELP! How To Self Promote

Are you a horn blower?  Can you toot your own horn?

For me, tooting my own horn to total strangers puts me in a very leery situation where I get nervous and then in some stupid way, embarrass myself.

I can use the standard "media" outlets - Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc etc ...

BUT, there has to be more and better ways to get the word out there that you've just released a new book and want the world to race to your front door to get a copy.  Right?

My latest book - Pangaea: Eden Lost - is now available in ebook format at Amazon.  I hope to have a paperback version ready in another week.

It's a really great book - an adventure in the style -- oh, I really hate to do this -- similar to an Indiana Jones type tale. Well, sort of.

My hero, the lead, is Barclay Havens, a for-hire relic hunter.  He is asked to not find a relic but instead, find the true location of its creation.  A little different.  The problem?  The stone the item was encased in is very old and of compounds found in two separated locations.  The enigma?  The item is a highly polished metal tube, seemingly hollow with something inside.  Oh, I guess I should mention, the tube is OLDER than the stone it was encased in.

Now to make things even more difficult, he has an attractive woman joining the search, toss in her boyfriend - or should that be fiance?  Oh, needless to say, there is also a stuffed-shirt college nemesis who wants to tag along on the expedition.

Take them all to Brazil - into the jungles of the Amazon where suddenly our hero discovers even more secrets - one of them being - it seems many people will kill to possess the cylinder.

Not everything and everyone is what or who they appear to be.  There are more agendas at hand than the simple task of finding out where the cylinder came from.

The story is a good romp with a lot of divergent incidents and enough secrets to keep the reader on their toes trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

NOW... My question, how do I go about marketing this book?  How do I get people to read it?  Where should I be advertising?  How do I get reviews?


I don't want to see my story die in the depths of

Until next I ramble on...

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