Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Rambling

Ever have a day when you wanted to stand out? Say something profound? Today was that day for me. Today I was suppose to put down the words which you would read, sit back and be in total awe.

Instead, it is me sitting back and just saying "Awwww."

I have interviewed authors and publishers. I have hawked my book. I have talked about writing techniques. But I have yet to say anything truly profound on my blog. So, am I cheating you?

I feel that I am. I just finished a marketing book and according to that particular author; I am. He says we (you and me) should only blog 6-10 times per year, if even that often. This guy has sold a million books, maybe I should listen to him. He says I should write something profound on my blog for my readers, not just blather on. But I ask, WHAT? What will you find profound?

My brother-in-law died this past week. He was a good man, a gentle man but not a perfect man. Don lived a full life; he was 82. And just like the anyone else in the rest of the world, he will be remembered only by those who knew him. The rest of the world didn't know him and care less if he existed or not. He was just an average Joe; military service out of high school, married, two children, worked, retired to finally live in a small home in the peaceful countryside where he enjoyed nature, and is now laid to rest in a pleasant cemetery.

Looking at life as a universal timeline, Don's full existence was but a snapping spark in the fire of life. Like so many others who have lived and died, he was just a glimmer in the dancing flames.

I want to be more! I want to be that spark you watch lift up from the fire and flicker into the night sky. I want to be noticed.

As a writer, you are trying to make an impression, leave a mark on life. At the very least you are screaming into the shadows of the darkness, "I existed." There is hope that at some point in the future, be it near or far, someone will take notice of your work and for a brief moment, you will once more exist... to be... to have a little limelight in your absence.

King Tut had a pyramid built for his eternal rest. Kinich Janaab Pacal* had the Temple of Inscriptions for his tomb. Both these men had the intelligence to foresee that writing would help to preserve their names. Tut had hieroglyphics and Pacal had carved glyphs. Archeologists have spent years trying to decipher what was inscribed on these tombs. Tut and Pacal exist yet today eventhough they died over 1000 yrs ago.

I know when I pass, I won't have a huge temple built to preserve my body; it will be a small vault in a quaint country cemetery. But, in the libraries, I hope to have my books on a shelf for others to read for all the future. Book that anyone can read and hopefully not have to interpret.

At that moment I will be that glowing ember flitting upward into the dark, night sky. I am remembered; I am a writer.

* Read "2012: Timeline Apocalypse" to learn more about the Temple of Inscriptions and Kinich Janaab Pacal and the Mayan culture.

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Until next I ramble...

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