Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do You Know Ed Gorman?

Yesterday I pondered what I would blog about.  I wanted it to be something useful, profound or at least interesting.  Later in the evening I got an email from a buddy.  My delimma was answered. 

Genius Publishing has just released a new book by the absolutely fantastic author, Ed Gorman.  Actually, it is a re-release of two of his well-known stories: The Day The Music Died and Wake Up Little Susie.

A little background on this author.  Ed Gorman has been writing full time since 1984 and has helped to mold the genre and blend the fields of horror, mystery, and crime with fear and shock.  Mr. Gorman has been a prolific author writing not only under his own name Ed Gorman but also under pseudonyms such as E. J. Gorman and Daniel Ransom.  As such, Ed has created series with such well-known characters by Robert Payne, Jack Dwyer and of course, Sam McCain which brings us back to the new book.

The Original Sam McCain Mysteries. 

The Day The Music Died begins the day after the tragic plane accident involving Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper which was on Feb 3, 1959.  Our lead, Sam McCain, is tasked to find out who killed Kenny while the whole town believes Kenny murdered himself.

Wake Up Little Susie, a sequel, actually takes place two years earlier in the late summer of 1957.  It involves the release of Ford's new Edsel and the D.A.'s wife found in the trunk of a new one.  Sam is again tasked to find the truth and the murderer.

For those who enjoy a period tale, this detective double collection is a must; Ed Gorman at his best.  Check it out at http://amzn.to/AtGl8T

I currently have a review copy of this great release and hopefully will be able to give you a review.  Right now I have about 3 other books to read but I will attempt to be timely on this.  Maybe I'll even be able to have a snippet to offer.

Until next I blog...

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