Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Today I am going to keep it short and sweet.

I am proud to be an American.  I have served my country, giving 5 years duty in the U.S. Navy.

Today I want to honor those who served and gave their all.  Some came home, some didn't.  I was one of the lucky ones to survive - I gave my best; my friend, Jerry, he gave his all.

He never got to enjoy the rest of his life. He was only nineteen.

Today I am in disgust as teenagers think it is cute to stand on the American flag or burn it.  I watch foreigners come to this country and demand we change things to make their life comfortable as it was in their homeland.

To them I say:

If you don't like America, even if you were "forced" to be born in this country - I'm sure there are other places you can go to get away from the lifestyle Jerry gave his life for you to have.  If you don't want it, leave.

To the foreigners who came to America in search of a new life.  If your old ways are so great, go back home.  Your motherland will accept you and it will be the way you want.

This is America.  We've spent over 200 years getting it to where it was in 1976 and in the last 25 years, I've watched it deteriorate into a fearful nation.  We are afraid we will offend.

I learned English in school.  My grandfather came from Ireland and spoke Gaelic.  He learned English.  Many others of my forefathers came from other European countries and when they arrived in the wonderful land of America, in tears, they were glad to escape the old life.  They adopted the new ways and they happily learned English - to be American. They were proud.

To those who don't respect my service to my country or see no reason to honor my friend, Jerry, or any of my other friends who lost parts of their body for your right to live in America... LEAVE.

Trust me, America will survive without you.  In fact, it will be better.  Take your ugly asses out of MY country.  I have no use for you since you obviously have no use for America other than to destroy it.

It is time for Americans, true Americans, to stand up and say: Enough is enough.

Take the time to honor those who can't be with us today.  This is Memorial Day - we honor those who gave their all. It isn't about having a picnic or family get-together.  It is about your freedom and the price paid for it.  Don't be so quick to throw it away.

To those who served, I honor you.  To those who died, I thank you for your all you gave.

I am an American and I shall wave Old Glory until I die.

Until next I ramble on...


  1. We have Remembrance Day in the UK to honour our war dead - and I join with you today in remembering those of the US who died for their country.

  2. I understand you pain over the loss of your friend. But whenever I read people railing against the changes that immigrants bring to their adopted country, I like to point out that nearly everyone in North America is an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant. Every group that arrived here changed the existing society, some for the better, others for the worse. The days when a business could post a sign reading "Irish need not apply" are not that far back, historically speaking.

    Or how about the days when you could not buy Indian food in most towns in the US?

    Things change, always have. Don't be afraid of change. Today's citizens are the children of yesteryear's denigrated immigrants.

    1. I don't fear change and understand some of it BUT I see no reason to enforce certain rules. One place in Detroit now has determined that all women must wear a veil at work, whether Muslim or not. Home Depot is training their employees how to properly respect and deal with Muslim customers. They came to America to be free of the old ways in their homeland but they are demanding we change to fit their old lifestyle. Notice that the men are allowed to Americanize their apparel but the women cannot. Also, I'm not just picking on the Muslims. Black people are demanding to be treated better. I have no problem with that but I'm not about to give up what I have worked for just to let them have it for free. The same holds true for the illegal immigrants from Mexico. I put my hard earned money into Social Security while they pocketed under-the-table cash. Now they want retirement benefits. If you don't contribute to the pot of food, don't expect to get a portion of it - generosity can only go so far. I've paid my taxes and my dues, I am now wanting my fair share back. If the government wants to give the illegals a small amount, fine, I'll share, but why should they get an amount equal to me? Why should I be forced to cow-tow to another's faith or lifestyle if they will not allow me mine.

      My rant was toward those who want it THEIR way and only THEIR way. It is all about give and take. It is not about me giving and you taking but both giving and taking. Yes, we can learn from each other but both parties need to be in agreement to learn.

      I don't disrespect your ways, your country, your lifestyle and especially when I visit your country. Don't do it to me and my country.

      Sorry to rant, but...

  3. THANK you for saying what most adult Americans believe wholeheartedly, Bob. These things have been brewing and gone unchecked for far too long... people coming to our country, refusing to learn the language and customs or laws, and yet demanding rights as citizens or as minorities... And the kids who haven't a clue and burn or desecrate the flag? God help them. #Disgusted

  4. What surprised me was the adults who were doing that, too. Maybe they think it is cute but they don't realize the cost that was given to have that flag. I've always been of the mind that all males should enter the armed forces, if for no other reason than to allow them to mature and get out of their comfort zone. I worked w/ a 27yo (years ago) and he'd never been farther away from home than Toledo and Ft Wayne - about 50 miles, each way of here. His first trip to San Franciso for a company inventory check back in the early 80s was a total culture shock. The guys took him to his first topless bar and he back giddier than a schoolgirl in love. He was single, no less!

  5. Thanks, Bob, for your service, and for sharing your views. I think what makes this country great is that we welcome all who wish to contribute to the cause in whatever way they can. As for the others, there are other places for them.

    1. For those who want to contribute - welcome aboard. For those who demand and don't respect our way of life, here's the door and don't let it slam you on the ass on the way out.

  6. Thanks for your service, Bob! My husband and I had the honor of being at the World War II memorial and saw veterans visiting in wheelchairs, on crutches, and by holding the hands of servicemen leading them into their memorial. We gazed at faces moved by the tribute to that great generation and thought of fathers who also served but died before the memorial got built. I'll never forget that great generation and hope youngsters learn what super heroes really are!

    1. I guess I might be a little more biased. While in the Navy, I served at Pearl Harbor. My dad was in the Navy during WWII and had just left a certain large ship (USS Arizona) that they were tied next to a few hours earlier before the attack. As we (I and other sailors) sat at the back of our ship, just a little ways from the memorial, we realized that for some of us, our fathers had served/been there during the attack and for others, their fathers were still down there in the USS Arizona. Talk about a sobering moment.

  7. I thank you for your service Bob and thank your friend Jerry from the bottom of my heart. I'm with you. You don't like this country? Leave. I'll help you pack. Nice post.

    1. I'll even supply extra bags - got plenty of spare plastic bags if they need'em.