Monday, February 23, 2015

There Are Plans...

and there are plans.

This weekend was supposed to be a somewhat restful, yet busy, weekend.  The plans included a Friday night out with friends to a seafood all-you-can-eat buffet and fish fry.  Saturday would be a day for me to start planting seeds for the garden, relaxing and watching the snow come down since the weatherman was threatening us with approximately 4+ inches of new snow.  Come Sunday, it was the day to elect officials for the next church year with a potluck afterward including some great fellowship with the members.  Of course, that was if church would be held on Sunday morning pending the snowfall.

Okay, that was the plan.  As I stated... and there are plans.

Wednesday was an evening with the eldest son and his family and a great meal of Mexican food. So far, the plan was still in place.

RING!  RING!  RING!  (Telephone)

#3's car needs to go in for repair.  #4's wife has doctors' appointments - and she is expecting twins and their one daughter needs to be picked up from pre-school.

Mom and Dad to the rescue.  We are now headed to Michigan, an area south of Detroit to help out

Today is now Sunday evening and we've stayed with #4 for a night, then #3 for 2 nights and now back to #4's for tonight.  What does the next 2 days bring?  Not sure.

Tomorrow's plans: #3's car should be repaired and ready for pickup.  BUT, will be it be done before he needs to go to work.  Only time will reveal that answer.  #4's wife has a doctor's appointment at 8:30am - should be easy enough.  Oh, wait.  Their daughter has to be at pre-school at that exact time, too.  My son will take his wife to the doctor and I was scheduled to drop my granddaughter off at school.

Yup!  That plan got changed.  She doesn't have school.  It has been so cold in the area, the schools are not opening since they don't want the kids out in the sub-zero weather.  Personally, I think we're pampering today's kids too much.  I remember walking to school, in foul weather including cold winds and the walk was a full mile - each way.  And no, I'm not over-exaggerating. It was 1954 and if you want me exaggerate - it was uphill, both ways.  I've shown my kids and they found it hard to believe... they wanted to know why grandma didn't drive me.  It was beyond their comprehension that we only had one car and dad had it to go to work - mom stayed home. But that's a different story.

So, now we hang in until we find out what the status of the car is and also, #4's wife goes back to the doctor on Weds which is the same day #3's daughter's pizza sales comes in and needs to be picked up.  That would be 300+ pizza kits she sold. I don't believe my son's car can carry 300 pizzas.

With a little luck, maybe, just maybe, I'll get home late Wednesday night. If so, on Thursday I hope to plant my tomato seeds.

Oh, my #1 son had scheduled himself to plow all that snow out my drive so when I got home, it would be all clean for us.  From what I've heard, a skiff of snow, less than an inch, fell.  As he said, barely worth the effort of driving over to plow.  So I'm guessing he didn't plow the driveway.

If things calm down, maybe next weekend I'll get the wood necessary to build the new chicken coop.  We'll see what happens.

Plans get changed and I'm willing to go with the flow.  In fact, I got my first edit job to work on and have two more scheduled to come at me over the next couple of weeks.  Everything is subject to change. I'll just take a deep breath and move forward.

Until next I ramble on...


  1. UGH, pretty stressful week. Hope next week brings calm, peace and pre-gardening back into your life.

  2. UGH, pretty stressful week. Hope next week brings calm, peace and pre-gardening back into your life.