Monday, January 26, 2015

Writing the RV

I have an RV and I love to travel.  Unfortunately, for the last few years, we've been unable to go anywhere due to my mother-in-law.  She's now 102+ yrs old and can't tell when the RV is moving or if the engine is even turned on.  That was critical since she'd see my wife up getting me something to drink or eat and decide she had to go potty.  Not good, especially when I decide to pull out and cross 4 lanes of traffic and quickly see a little old lady rolling down the aisle in my rear-view mirror.  That was our last trip over 3 years ago.

Last year, due to health reasons, she had to be placed in a nursing home.  My wife and I attempted to try RVing again.  The RV had several issues that needed to be addressed.  Some were easy fixes and taken care of before we began, others were discovered as we used it and some were "delayed" until later in the year to be fixed.

Later in the year came.  So did the cold and the snow.

The repairs are on hold until Spring.

Now, the quandary.  Mardi Gras is coming.  We haven't been to our favorite Mardi Gras spot for several years PLUS Mardi Gras is early this year.  Where do we go for Mardi Gras?  Simple.  Jefferson, TX.  Who knew?  Yes, Jefferson, TX has been linked to Mardi Gras and New Orleans for decades.  The local river was a main thoroughfare between the two locations and a little known fact, Jefferson was the gold depot for the Confederate War.  Imagine.  A dinky little town so robust in the history of the South.

Back to the RV.

I love to travel and while traveling, I love to write.  While in Jefferson, I've seen the bayous and how the swamp and swirling fogs lend themselves to my writing style.  Of course, the mighty redwoods of Northern California, the sheer loneliness of the Sonoran Desert, the vibrant shades of the Grand Canyon and the flat(?) plains of Kansas and Nebraska have also colored my writing.  Camping in Yellowstone National Park, along the mighty Mississippi River and within the pines of a quiet, family campground also allow my imagination to run rampant.

Unfortunately, I think this year will be another one where we stay close to home base, perhaps experimenting with trips to the local state park about 25 miles away or maybe get wild and spend a few days even a little farther away but still within the range of 2 or 3 hours drive to get back home.

Why?  Twofold.  As stated earlier, not all the quirks have been fixed.  Until I feel secure that the tires, motor, and waterlines are safe, I don't want to travel too far.  Secondly, and this is rather gruesome, my mother-in-law will be 103 in September.  Her health is beginning to fail and, as much as I hate to say it, she isn't going to last forever.  I don't want to be in California, Florida, or Texas when the call comes.  I know my wife.  Even 25 miles away is going to be very hectic.

Of course, as much as the RV is an exciting place to sit and write, I can, if I so desire, grab my laptop and amble out the rig and write.  We live in the country and when I look out the one side of the RV's windows, I can see pines, shrubs, an open area and feel that I am not anywhere near a residence.  Of course, a quick peek out the opposite side will strike reality since I'm parked beside the house.  Still, we are in the country, so it isn't like sitting in the middle of town.

No doubt about it, I love writing in the RV.

Until next I ramble on...


  1. I love how you are adapting to the timing in your life. You see the issue, but know a way to swerve around it. LOL put all the blinds on the house side down and open the ones on the yard side...Do a staycation. Happy RVing!

  2. Lisa - I loved going to TX in late Feb, early March for Mardi Gras - getting a tan and then sporting it when I came back to the office in Detroit. I enjoy going south during the winter, especially right before Spring so I get to enjoy it twice! Maybe next year!

  3. I love writing while RVing, too! Although I don't get to go very often. Sometimes, my hubby will even let me write while he drives!

    1. I was about to say that was better than driving and writing - uh, but I do that. Or rather, did that many times before cellphones. I'd use a tape recorder and dictate my ideas as I "raced" through rush-hour traffic aka 4-lane parking lot. I figured if an executive can dictate a letter while driving, I can do the same for my story.

    2. Great use of time. I once read 140 pages of a paperback while driving down the remote I-20 in West Texas. But don't tell anybody!

  4. This post resonates for me, since my wife and I have been living on a floating RV -- an ocean-going sailboat -- for the last 15 years. We've lost family members when we were in far away places, and five of our six grandchildren were born while we were in the far reaches of the Caribbean.

    Now, we're contemplating sailing back to the states and moving ashore to enjoy some time with my wife's folks while they're still able to enjoy having us around. Not to mention getting acquainted with those grandchildren.

    To your point about inspiration, I've worried a bit that the places I write about are the places we sail, but who knows? Maybe I'll start a new series about normal people who live in houses on dirt instead of boat people.

    The RV and the open road will be there; enjoy your time with your mother in law while you can, and thanks for the post.

  5. Awww, I hope you get the chance to go to Mardi Gras in Texas - I do so know how much you love that RV!