Monday, December 1, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update

Simple.  30 days.  50,000 words.  Anyone can do it.

Sure, anyone can do it but that person has to be willing to put aside many aspects of their life. I'm fortunate. I'm retired. I don't have a life.  Not really.  Yes, I am retired but I do have a life. I don't sit around the house with nothing to do but sit in front of the boob-tube and watch TV all day.  I'm active with weekly things like worship practice, getting the mail, taking out the trash, during the summer - working in the yard and garden, during the winter - reading and doing some projects that can only be done indoors.  I also visit family and friends.  I shop, cook, occasionally help clean the house.  I spoil my grandchildren and like any good husband, annoy my wife so she will continue to love me.  And I write... of course.

But, I did it.  I got my novel finished.  Yes, I did the 50,000 words - actually, it was 51,768 words of very poorly written prose.  I now have the main structure of another novel completed.  I will let it set for a variable length of time then re-approach it with what I'd like to think, a critical eye to plot, character and story line.

What did I write?  An Amish horror story.  If you'd like to read the first not quite 5000 words, then just click on The Amish Hunter (or to read the beginning.

Overall, it was fun and I hate to admit it, but I actually wrote myself into a corner at about 39k. I had to do some decisive thinking and fancy foot-work at re-arranging things to get my story back on track.  I'd tell you the details but I don't want to give away any secrets of the book.  Yes, the plot took a change, added another sub-plot and, I am hoping, made for a better tale.

This is my 14th entry into NaNoWriMo and the 13th time to complete the task. At least 3 of the novels have seen publication and a 4th is currently with an agent seeking a publisher.

My job, if I decide to accept the task, is to get all these stories cleaned up and out on the market.  They do no good sitting on my hard drive in cyberspace.  THIRTEEN stories you ask?

Here is a listing of my fourteen years of doing NaNoWriMo.

2000: A Snowbird's Guide to Pecans. Not finished. A pecan cookbook. Failed 1st attempt at NaNo.
2002: I'htha. A native American detective story involving a cross-breed, vampire-werewolf.
2003: The Legacy of Pangaea. Now published as Pangaea, Eden Lost, see Amazon.
2004: Zilli: A Fairy's Tale. A fairy goes on an adventure.
2005: Jewyl and The Singing Crystals of Mystyk Mountains. Jewyl and Chardo's 2nd adventure.
2006: White Rose, Yellow Dragon. A historical, literary romance taking place in Hong Kong.
2007: Gray: An Alien Journey. An encounter that wakes up wrong thirty years later.
2008: 2012: Timeline Apocalypse. Now published, see Amazon
2009: Circle of Stone. A man seeking his future by finding his true past in stone circles.
2010: Vamazons. Now published as Ancient Blood: The Amazon, see Amazon.
2011: An Amish Voice. To an agent. An Amish boy who finds himself via his voice amid Civil Rights.
2012: Snow Snake. Large snakes discovered in the snowy fringes of Canada.
2013: The Treasure Within. An old gold-miner leaves a secret, but what is it?
and of course 2014: An Amish Hunter.

If you'd like to sample read any of the above, please go to Bob Nailor's Webpage of Works in Progress. The only one you'll NOT find will be the cookbook.  Don't know why I haven't put up a sample of what it will be like.  Hmm?  Maybe I will.

Each year, for the last few years, I swear I'll not do NaNoWriMo the following year. This year I was able to abstain for almost 3 days into event before breaking down.  My mission was to finish before Thanksgiving. I did and only because I had some fantastic days where I was able to write - the words flowed without any hesitation - and do upwards of 10k words or more.  Even when I got cornered and blocked, the next day was a great writing day to get me back on track and stay ahead of schedule.

Right now I have a Viking tale that is nagging for some attention.  Unfortunately, I have a couple of editing job to finish before Christmas for some clients.  Also, I have a novel - Yendisa - that I would like to get finished with the final edits so I can get it published.  I'd hoped to publish four novels this year but I can see that ambitious goal is not going to be met.  Maybe next year will the year to get four out.  Still, I did get two books out this year and the one has been selling pretty well and even made it to #2 for Editing on Amazon -- and it wasn't free!

Until next I ramble on...


  1. I agree that NaNoMo is a great incentive to get those words out. The only way to cure that itch to write is to write.

    You have an ambitious program with so many books. Do you think you worked that hard before you retired?

  2. I retired at the very end of 2006. I'd completed 5 NaNos and even today, still wonder how I managed to write with a full-time job. The itch I think is worse now that I'm retired. As to my goals in 2015 - if I shoot for the stars and only make it to the moon or the edge of our solar system, I'll be happy. Why shoot for the neighboring village when you know you can make that without breaking any sweat?

    And, yes, I seem to work harder now than before I retired... and I'm loving it.

  3. Wow, well done Bob - a great achievement, amongst many in your journey. Really encouraging and inspiring, great stuff.

    1. Eventho it feels great to finish and you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment - there is still the angst of needing to go back and fix soooo much of it at some point in time.

  4. That's an impressive record, Bob. Maybe I'll give it a try some year, but Novembers are usually hectic at our house. (Sigh!)

    1. Thanks. I think that is the reason they do it in November. After all, you don't want it to be easy. LOL. Give it a try, even if you don't finish the 50k, you'll have accomplished something. Even 5000 words on 11/30 is better than 0.

  5. You are seriously my hero. And frankly, I have YOU to thank for the one time I did nanowrimo and that is now my published fantasy novel. Indebted to you for the push.

    1. Elyse, you're going to make me blush. Thanks.