Monday, August 4, 2014

Who's Your Super Hero?

Edit Note: I usually post on Mondays but on Saturday, August 30th, I will do a special guest post with Elyse Salpeter's and her release of "Flying to the Fire." There will be prizes that day. Don't miss it!  More information on how to win will be forthcoming.

Last Friday was a strange day for me.  People would stop and talk to me.  Okay, some of it can be easily explained - I was interviewed by the local newspaper and the article finally appeared in Wednesday's paper.  It was a simple article about people taking on a second career after retirement.  I was originally told it would be an interview of several people but when the article appeared, it was just me.  I guess I should say I was lucky I wasn't one of the others who got cut.  Of course, if they never got interviewed, they would know.

Anyway, people would come up and say "I saw your picture in the paper."  In fact, we had a small get-together at the church Saturday night and the article was passed around to those who had not had a chance to see it.  How was it brought up?  Simple.  One of the church elders began with "We have a distinguished celebrity in our midst" and then showed the paper with the article in it.

Anyway, back to Friday.  I had a woman approach me with "Wasn't your picture in the paper the other night? Aren't you a writer?"  I acknowledged the truth.  She had a young boy, about 10 yrs of age, I think, in tow.  The woman thought it was wonderful that I had decided to pursue my dream of being an author. It was something she hoped some day to be able to do, also.  I smiled, listened, talked with her and suggested that she might attend our next small, local writing group's meeting.  I wrote the information on the back of one of my business cards - yes, I carry 'author' business cards with me constantly.  She was about to leave when the boy looked at me and asked: Who's your favorite super hero?

I'm not sure where the question originated or why since we'd not mentioned any heroes, super or otherwise.

I smiled and told him that was a very good question.  It's the easiest way to stall for time so one can think.

Here is my response:

When I was about your age, I had several super heroes.  I would say Superman was my favorite, but I also thought The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Sky King and Batman were pretty fantastic.  Of course, as I got older, like in high school, I thought a couple of my teachers were pretty wonderful and of course, President Kennedy was high on my list.  As the years passed -- I'm an old man now -- my heroes have changed.  I still think Superman is great but I've discovered that some regular people are more super heroes than him.  My dad was a super hero, along with my mom.  Sure they couldn't leap buildings or stop speeding bullets, but they taught me a lot of things.  I also think all the men and women who spend every day protecting us by serving in the military are the true super heroes and I don't even know them.

He gave me a strange look and then frowned.  I asked: Who is your super hero?

He replied with: I think God is because he made all of the others.

I got down on one knee to be more on level with this young man -- and remember, it wasn't an easy job for an old fart like me.

"I think you're right," I said and shook his hand.  "I guess I just wasn't thinking big enough."

"Do you think you could write a story where God is the hero?  I'd like to read that."

I told him I think that book has already been written.

He replied "I've already read the Bible.  I'm looking for another book."

I laughed and stood.  His mother started to apologize.  I told her it was quite okay.  Suddenly, I was called by a friend and she said she had to go.  We went our separate ways.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to write a story where God is a super hero and make sure that the story isn't anything like the Bible.  Hmm?

Until next I ramble on...


  1. WOW, talk about getting a writing prompt! Maybe you can write a short story and send it to him!

  2. I was sort of dumbfounded for a little bit. Imagine, stumped by a 10 yr old. Suddenly, being old and sagely went right out the door. If that kid decides to become a writer, I can see great things for him.

  3. Nice post, Bob. Children have a knack for cutting to the chase, don't they?

  4. Out of the mouths of babes. If only we could all maintain that innocence and simple faith.

  5. So I've commented twice now. 3rd time's a charm. I gave you an AMAZING idea for that book. Message me if you want it. LOL!!!