Monday, June 16, 2014

Art - The Truth Hurts

I'm currently working on the last edits of my novel - current working title is Yendisa. Sometimes, to break up the monotony of my editing and writing, I will play with my graphics programs. In particular, DAZ 3D, if you must know.

I've dabbled with a few 3D rendering software packages in the past: Bryce, Poser, Autocad, ZBrush, Anim8or, Vue and others.

Of course, I spent most of my time using Bryce, Poser, Vue and for my final touch ups, PaintShop Pro.  I don't consider myself a total amateur but then again, I would never opt into the concept I'm a pro, either.  Let's just call me an avid hobbyist.

I digress.

In my attempt to keep my books -- okay, my costs -- in control, I do a lot of my own book covers.  I've had a few covers done by others where the publisher controlled the final product but still, I had a little say in the matter.  Sometimes my input was suggestions, but usually it was a simple Yes or No response with No being subjective to the publisher's call.

Back to my current work, Yendisa, which may or may not be the final title.  I had an original concept but it was voted down by a couple of my friends.  Then I attempted some "scenes" from the book.  They were voted down as illogical images.  Once you read the book, the image setup makes perfect sense. [sigh] But the cover has to draw the reader IN, not be a result of having read the book.

I banged around some more ideas and finally decided to go with my original idea but with some alterations. Personally, I think the following image is a great book cover.

Uh, I was wrong.

A couple of my friends still think I should have the book cover done by a professional who they feel might elicit a better image for the book.  I'm hedging.

I asked my #3 son who enjoys Sword & Sorcery type books.  His words: I don't like it. I'm not into 3D rendered people. They look fake.

Those first FOUR words echoed inside my head:  I don't like it.  I DON'T LIKE IT!


My son!  My flesh and blood turned against me.  I remember when he was a small child and I could do no wrong.  I was the shining light in his eyes.  What happened?  When did I fall to the side of the path?


I sat there - numb.  Maybe, just maybe "they" were right.  Maybe I shouldn't be doing my book covers. Perhaps I should invest in a professional's approach who would have fresh eyes on what the cover could be. 


Okay, he's my kid but he's over 30 and the world has definitely tainted his vision.  He doesn't know or even understand the concept of what I am attempting.  Why should I listen to him?  Ffppt!  He's a hack!


Maybe I should consider that option.  Hmm?  Not really.  Time for a 2nd reality check?  Maybe. 

Still, my hackles rise when I think of spending my hard-earned retirement money for me to commission somebody to do a book cover that I can do myself... and for free, I might add.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.  Decision to be made... and soon...  Tick-tock...

Go ahead - weigh in on the verdict - let me know what you think.

Until next I ramble on...

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