Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow - The New Four Letter Word.

For the most part, every time I peeked out the window beside my desk for the last 4 months, all I saw was snow.  Usually it was coming down but sometimes it wasn't, instead it was blowing across the drifts. I'm not going to say we had a lot of snow but let's put it into perspective.  I have a raised garden bed - 8" high - and the snow was level.  Actually I have a 36 inch fence around it and only about the top 12 inches of the fence was visible.  Yes, that's right, the snow in my back yard was over 2 foot deep!  If it weren't for the fence and a couple of tomato cages out there - you wouldn't have known there was a garden bed under the snow. Or the fact that it was raised was a moot point.

Nonetheless, the other day I had to go into town and the sun was shining and the snow was melting.  I'd call that a real treat.  Anyway, as I drove along I started to notice that only the new snow was white.  The old snow was black.  Actually, the more I surveyed the scenery, the clearer my vision became.  I decided to take a picture and see how it came out.  As I tried to find the perfect locale for the shot I began to notice even more aspects of the snow I hadn't seen before.  Yes, it was white, it was black, but it was also shades of blue with shifting shades of gray and then I noticed glints of color - red, green, yellow, gold, and silver.  I finally took a picture of what I would like to call the perfect snow pile.  It was ragged with black flecks but also covered with the purist white new fallen snow and it had those shifting sparks of color.

I entered it into a contest so at the present time I can't share it with you, but I really loved the way it came out.  Of course, I had to come up with a snappy title to capture the moment.  After a lot of serious thought, I finally came up "Black and White in Color."  Maybe it will win.  One can hope.

Of course, when I took that picture I thought it was the last snow of the season and so looked forward to the idea of seeing my yard again and the potential of green.  I was wrong.


Yes, we had a snow storm and I was once more pummeled with a flaky layer of 8+ inches of snow.  My son came over to plow the drive.  He was amazed.  He'd plowed some drives for others who lived about 5 miles north of me.  He had measured their snow - it was only 6 inches deep.  He assumed my driveway was the same and was surprised by how much snow I really had.  Yes, he got out and measured the snow.

My wife watched him plow the snow, shoving it in front of the RV.  She lamented at how high the drift was in front of the RV with "Just look, the snow is above the bottom of the window on the RV. We'll never be able to drive it out any time soon."

I smiled.  Trust me, I said. If we decide to go traveling, I will have that 5+ foot drift shoveled out so I can drive the RV on a trip.  We had a drift in front of the RV a couple of years ago and we were headed down to TX for Mardi Gras and yes, I shoveled it out of the way so I could get the RV on the road.

Still, I believe that SNOW has the most popular new dirty FOUR LETTER word used - replacing the F-bomb word.

Here it is - mid-month and yes, that four letter word is creeping into the weather forecast for next week.  Who would think that we'd have SNOW near the end of the March.  Oh wait, is the weatherman playing a trick on us for April 1st -- you know, April Fool's Day?  Shame on him, if he is.

SNOW!  A four letter word that anyone can say and not get their mouth soaped but can definitely bring a frown to a face.

Until next I ramble on...

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