Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I was at a website - which I won't reveal - where many of today's young authors - or wannabe writers - hang out and share their story telling talents.  And so there is no misunderstanding when I say 'young' -- I mean those who are under the age of 20.  There are some amazing tales and fabulous writing but unfortunately, there is also excruciating spelling.

Today's electronic world has abbreviated much of our writing skills; our youth are especially embracing the shortened words ... "ur" for "your" or "you are" or "you're" and "bl8" which is "be late."  You get the picture.

But I'm not really going there.  What I want to touch on is mis-use of words by their spelling.

Their are wheys fore witch hour spelling is weigh rong  -- but phonetically correct.

Those horrible homonyms.  They sound alike but are spelled differently and give a totally different perspective to the sentence when mis-used.  Have you ever attempted to make a list?  It is almost impossible but let's give it a try... and feel free to add to the list but please check it to verify we don't re-list the same one repeatedly.

to, too, two
one, won
for, four, fore
there, their, they're
way, whey, weigh
our, hour
wrung, rung
done, dun
which, witch, wich (like sandwich)
but, butt
red, read
so, sew, sow (as to plant seeds)
no, know
see, sea
row, roe
tow, toe
creek, creak OR crick (depending on pronounciation of creek)
wine, whine
tail, tale
peace, piece
vane, vain, vein
your, you're, yore
rain, rein
find, fined
whose, who's
blue, blew
awl, all

And the list can go on and on.  Please, add your favorites.

Until next I ramble on...

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